Today, Lega Inc. announces the public launch of its pioneering LLM-Governance platform. The platform is specifically designed to provide law firms and enterprises with a secure and efficient way to explore, assess, and implement generative AI technologies.

Responding to the breakneck pace of change on the AI landscape, Lega empowers organizations to embark on their generative AI journey with confidence by enabling them to:

  • Safely explore different large language models through a single enterprise platform;
  • Effortlessly build and configure API-driven solutions in a few clicks;
  • Ensure secure solution access across the enterprise via Single Sign-On (SSO);
  • Enforce policy adherence with real-time compliance checkpoints; and
  • Analyze usage—across different solutions and LLMs—through a single, comprehensive audit trail.

“The future of the legal industry belongs to those who can successfully combine deep judgment-based expertise with the unparalleled force accelerator of generative AI,” said Lega founder and CEO Christian Lang.  “Our platform empowers law firms to begin their transformation journey immediately and securely—without exorbitant investments in technology or personnel.”

Over the past several months, Lega Inc. has been quietly progressing in stealth mode, propelled by the extraordinary market need for practical LLM-governance tools and the remarkable support of a cohort of forward-thinking law firms, esteemed legal innovators, and robust technology partnerships.

Christian Lang, Lega founder and CEO

Among Lega’s early adopters is AmLaw 100 law firm, Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP.  Bill Koch, the firm’s Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer, commented, “Not only does Lega provide us with the enterprise guardrails we need to feel confident exploring LLMs and their use cases, it provides a powerful set of tools to capture critical learning about where our professionals are inspired to use these models and then quickly scale the lessons learned throughout the enterprise so all of our users can benefit from breakthroughs.”

Lega’s advisory board is anchored by legal technology visionaries Haley Altman and Nicole Bradick.

Haley Altman, Lega Advisor

Nicole Bradick, Lega Advisor

Bradick commented, “Generative AI offers a world of opportunities, but in the short term also creates real risk that Lega elegantly reduces for the enterprise.  I’m pleased to be advising an early mover that can demonstrate a practical, simple solution that is easy to adopt and implement.”

Altman observed, “Given the explosion of consumer-facing generative AI tools, it’s critical that enterprises like law firms quickly provide their lawyers with safe exploration pathways.  Lega strikes just the right balance between facilitating critical LLM learning while providing the governance tools to help firms ensure their confidential data doesn’t end up in the wrong places.”

To offer its clientele enterprise-grade architecture and robust security from the outset, Lega has forged a strategic deployment partnership with Betty Blocks, the leading application-development platform in the legal domain. This partnership ensures clients can utilize Lega’s novel and evolving SaaS tools on a battle-tested and secure application-hosting environment, which already caters to the most demanding and security-conscious legal enterprises, such as leading international law firms Clifford Chance and Norton Rose Fulbright.

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About Lega

Lega is a platform designed to facilitate secure and flexible engagement with large language models by law firms and other enterprises. It provides essential guardrails for safely navigating the rapidly evolving generative AI landscape. Lega was founded by Christian Lang, former President and COO of Reynen Court, former Davis Polk corporate lawyer, and the creator of NY Legal Tech Meetup and Inspire.Legal™.

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