Large Language Model Governance

Explore. Safely.

In a period of extraordinary change, Lega empowers law firms and other enterprises to safely explore, assess, and implement generative AI technologies


Embark on your generative AI journey with confidence

Lega provides the enterprise guardrails you need to safely explore LLMs and their use cases, along with a powerful toolset to capture and scale critical learnings

Effortless Configuration

In a few clicks, build and configure API-driven solutions powered by different large language models through a single enterprise platform

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Analyze usage–across different solutions and LLMs–through a single, comprehensive audit trail

Configurable Compliance Checkpoints

Drive policy adherence by ensuring users understand in context exactly how your policies apply to different solutions at that moment in time

Secure Access

Ensure secure solution provisioning and access across the enterprise via SSO 

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